BLACKPINK Talks Climate Change | Dear Earth

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In this exclusive clip, BLACKPINK delivers a speech about climate change. It’s all part of the Dear Earth special; an epic global celebration of our planet and what we need to do to slow climate change. Sprinkled with musical performances, Dear Earth also contains well-known climate activists, creators, and celebs who will all share ways to make our lives more sustainable.
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  1. *•Javier - Kun•*

    *•Javier - Kun•*

    It's amazing how serious these women radiate.

  2. Blackpink's Cxffee (Road to 150)

    Blackpink's Cxffee (Road to 150)

    "Our Voices are impossible to Ignore"

  3. Rachel Hangralim

    Rachel Hangralim

    BLACKPINK is amazing, using the power of influence to encourage others to change their old habits that might harm the planet is such a nice thing to do. I really hope we make an improvement this year. Thank you blackpink :D

  4. *creative name* ot4

    *creative name* ot4


  5. lov fatal

    lov fatal

    Rosé speaking like a BOSS. Her Australian accent is so hot.



    "Our voices are impossible to ignore!"

  7. latampink


    Blackpink usando su éxito para causas muy importantes, definitivamente sigo a las personas indicadas <3

  8. Tuajsj Leusns

    Tuajsj Leusns

    Rosé is really well spoken and intelligent, her accent is the meaning of my whole life=]

  9. Rainherself


    Rose's Aussie accent is so commanding and deep. amazing for letting them speak in the languages they're comfortable in as it's more heartfelt that way. ♥️💯🍻

  10. •Sweet Sana•

    •Sweet Sana•

    "Our Voices Are Impossible to Ignore"

  11. Leslie


    Lo que amo de Blackpink es que usan su voz para hablar de temas importantes, cada día estoy más orgullosa de llamarlas ídolas.

  12. Euni


    I love how BLACKPINK give a positive message to the world. Taking care of our Earth is not just a responsibility it's a necessity. Blinks let's work together and make this better planet. ❤

  13. Andrew Piluk

    Andrew Piluk

    Together we can make the world better

  14. Ritika Tiwari

    Ritika Tiwari

    Rose vocie is so elegant and her English is so fluent and these girls are so serious with climates and they are not only talking about themselves they are taking about us too save Earth save life black pink I love u the most.

  15. Melusa


    This is such an important message, especially coming from people like you, whose voices can really make a positive impact on a large amount of people 💚

  16. Popi Islam

    Popi Islam

    The lines are really touching me in deep of my heart love you Blackpink ♥️🍀

  17. Jisoo is my mine~Silla~

    Jisoo is my mine~Silla~

    Her eyes alone can portray most of the human emotions Jisoo.

  18. Pinky Manoban

    Pinky Manoban

    ⚠️We can still save our planet,we can still save our future as what our Blackpink's says "Let's work together for our planet and take climate action in our area"⚠️ Let's all save the earth✊

  19. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

    Thank you for doing this for our future

  20. Cin