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  1. Lonely Sandwich

    Lonely Sandwich

    ‘’Haters whispers to Lisa, “You cannot withstand the storm.” Lisa whispers back, “I am the storm.’’

  2. Mochi Mochi

    Mochi Mochi

    Lisa living her name meaning -“the one who is praised”, is truly mesmerizing to watch.

  3. Aaradhya


    Lisa is a definition of an Ace.

  4. Hannah Lyka

    Hannah Lyka

    27 seconds, 27 her favorite number, 27 her birth date, she owns this era. Lalisa!!

  5. lily is Lili

    lily is Lili

    Lisa has her own style in everything she will show something we have never seen before!

  6. Lisa


    Remember when this teaser was out, everyone was shocked..!

  7. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

    I'm quite sure this is gonna involve a lot of amazing dancing.

  8. angelics


    No words can describe how iconic she is.

  9. Isabelle


    lisa is an extremely wonderful woman

  10. Elaine


    Lisa is nominated at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) under 3 categories.

  11. Kim rere

    Kim rere

    Lisa is the queen of the world of singing and the queen of K-pop In short, they are the most beautiful

  12. Camille Maglaqui

    Camille Maglaqui

    Time flies so fast! Hoping for more solo songs from you, LISA. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESSFUL SOLO DEBUT.

  13. Rayane_.i


    We all know that this is gonna be a masterpiece

  14. Veeology


    L - LETS

  15. Karen Hillz

    Karen Hillz

    I can feel the energy even in this teaser . Her solo is going to be the most legendry solo ever.

  16. football edit

    football edit

    Lisa is a extremely wonderful women im so waiting for the song

  17. hy_ukaii


    i can't believe Lisa is having her first solo, of course it's gonna be bop! I'm happy that she can finally show what she got to the whole world!! Let's support lisa's solo on Sept 10.

  18. Lilies


    A woman with extraordinary talent

  19. *•Javier - Kun•*

    *•Javier - Kun•*

    Incredibly incredible.

  20. IrDina Sofea

    IrDina Sofea

    we’ve waited a long time for this, I can’t believe it’s really coming soon!! ♡